Подготовлена выплата по позиции

Валютное автоматическое уведомление Вы получили в связи с тем, что рейтинговая система выставила Вам максимально высокие баллы 

из возможных. В этом случае Вы автоматически становитесь участником нашего ивента посвящённого защите почтовых ящиков от нежелательных рассылок.

Благодарим за Ваш вклад в развитие защитных сервисов. "King's Defender Systems" подготовила для Вас инструкции для получия гранда.

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Wow...my company is blowing UP. So exciting...I really, really think we're going to be HUGE in the next few years with this revolutionary product. We'll see.

Hoping to enjoy another IPO!



So here's my bi-annual post to LJ:

Moved to LA, then left and came back to the bay mid-November 07. The music project didn't go as expected - all the major players bailed for various reasons. So I tried to find a job in the Valley and couldn't find a true fit. So we moved back to the bay and are living in Lake Merritt. I like it here - way better than Santa Clara .

Within one month back here I landed a kick ass job at a startup company called Livescribe. We make digital pens that record audio as you take notes on paper - after recording you can go back to your notes, tap on any given word/letter and hear the audio that was playing at the time you took that note. Cool stuff...if all continues to go well I'll be looking at yet another IPO.

Other than that, adjusting to life as one of the few remaining friends without kids. Hard to believe Adam and Adina, Geoff and Jen and Brian and Rosa all have kids now. Kids just don't fit into the agenda right now. go figure. Nate and Teri are getting married in November in Mexico. My parents 40th anniversary is July 8th. Monica wants to fly to Venezuela in July as well. So many places to go...
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First time for everything

This is the first time EVER for me that I don't have enough money in my checking / savings account to cover rent. Then to, 80% of all millionaires have been broke multiple times in their lives, so I shouldn't be too worried. Really puts the pressure on to perform well on this new job though. Finally I have a position where the harder I work, the more money I make. As for rent, I do have money I can borrow from a credit card, and stock I can sell, but I don't want to do either of those to make rent. That's the breaks....
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what's new

i haven't posted in here in a LONG time.

Some quick updates:

I got married in October.

We're moving to LA next Friday. I'll be building a production and publishing company with some friends.

We don't have to be waging a full scare war in order to combat terrorism and keep America safe.

Adam and Adina are preggos - baby is due in August....

I traded in my Magnum for a 2004 Eclipse. Cost less...better on gas.

that's all for now....